What is Counselling?

Are you struggling and need some help?

Are you feeling stressed or low?

Are you struggling with difficult emotions?

Does it feel as though there is no one to talk to who will understand?

You might be feeling overwhelmed or feeling like you’ve lost your sense of who you are (or maybe feel like you’ve never had it). You might be feeling busy and exhausted and wondering how you could feel happier or more at peace.

You might be struggling with difficult family relationships or issues or trauma from your past. You might be feeling like you’re not good enough. Maybe you’d like to develop your confidence to live the life you’ve always wanted to but haven’t known how. Maybe you need a new better way of coping because the old strategies aren’t working anymore.

I can help.

I can help you to:

  • gain self-confidence
  • make positive changes
  • regain emotional balance
  • improve relationships and communication
  • reduce anxiety and feel calmer
  • be kinder to yourself
  • increase assertiveness
  • improve your ability to set boundaries
  • improve your ability to understand and meet your needs
  • resolve trauma or things from your past holding you back

I can help you to love and believe in yourself, to support your wellbeing and to help you to experience life where you feel empowered to recognise your needs and get them met. I will draw on my experience to help you find clarity and make sense of what is going on in life and how you’d like it to be.

Whatever you come to counselling for; whether a build up of daily stresses or major life event, I offer a non-judgemental confidential space where you matter and can talk in confidence.

Therapy is about you. I aim to offer a space that feels comfortable, relaxed and safe enough for you to explore whatever it is that you want to. We will work together to help you find your inner resources and strengths, and a way forward that is right for you.

Finding a counsellor you feel comfortable with is really important and not every counsellor will be right for you. I offer an initial session where you can meet me and discuss what you are hoping to get from counselling and whether what I can offer is appropriate. This gives you a chance to get a feel for what I am offering, and if we feel we can work well together we can make plans to meet again.

If you’d like to book an introductory counselling session to find out more, click on my Contact page. I’ll message you back as soon as I can to arrange meeting up at a mutually convenient time. I’m a qualified and accredited Counsellor in Bristol, based in BS34 and BS10.