What is Counselling?

I help women free themselves from the past and create a more fulfilling life. If you’re like the people I work with then you might be feeling overwhelmed and struggling with difficult feelings and anxiety. Maybe you’re experiencing stress at work or having issues in a relationship. It can feel as though there is no one who will understand what you’re going through. 

So often we compare ourselves to others and feel like we’re not good enough and that everyone else can manage life better than us. It can feel like life will always be like this.

When life feels too much, we all need a helping hand.

I can help:

  • to reduce anxiety and feel calmer
  • gain self-confidence
  • improve relationships and communication
  • resolve trauma or things from your past holding you back
  • make positive changes
  • be kinder to yourself
  • improve your ability to set boundaries and to be able to say no

Connection with others is a fundamental part of being human. We all want connection but often struggle with forming satisfying relationships because we’re still functioning in ways that worked for us when we were younger. It can be helpful to understand these patterns and how you can get your needs met in healthier ways. Sometimes issues or Trauma from the past can have a big impact on life, even if it happened a long time ago.

Whatever you come to counselling for; whether a build up of daily stresses or major life event, I offer a relaxed and confidential space where you matter and can talk in confidence and explore whatever it is that you want to. I can help you to make sense of what is going on, find clarity and support your wellbeing. I am honest and offer my true self to enable you to have the space to be your true self.

Finding a counsellor you feel comfortable with is really important and not every counsellor will be right for you. I offer an initial session where you can meet me and get a feel for what I am offering.

If you’d like to find out more or book an introductory counselling session, click on my Contact page.